All My Cloud on line help-Register and Setting Video display instruction

1. Register and Setting
  1.1 Register a new account
    (1) visit web site:
(2) Click Register
(3) Email: The Allmycloud login ID. Please enter a preferred email as the login ID
(4) Password/Confirm password : Please enter a preferred password and confirm
(5) Certification Code : enter the 4 English characters at right
(6) Tick the check box of Allmycloud service terms and apply
(7) The system will issue a confirmation email to the login ID email.
  1.2 Monitor Camera preset
    (1) Enter ID/Password to login All My Cloud server
(2) Click 'Setting'
(3) Select sprit mode : 1 /4 /6 /9 /12 /16 camera mode (1camera mode suggested for Smart Phone monitoring)
(4) Enter device ID/Password and user define ID/Password
(5)Back to last page
(6) Click on 'Live View' to monitor
  1.3 Camera parameter setting
    Click on this button at right hand side of each camera will be able to move to the setup page.
  1.4 Manual IP setting and uPNP setting

Please make sure the uPNP function for the connected Router is enabled. If the uPNP function can not be enabled, then the manual IP setting for IP camera and the port forwarding setting in Router need to be configured..

The manual IP setting for IP camera
(1) Make sure the PC is connect in the same local network.
(2) Install IP Cam System (can be ignore if already installed).
(3) Click on 'Search' button.
(4) Select the desired IP cam and deselect the DHCP option.
(5) Enter the suitable IP and write down the UDP port No. which will be used Router setting.
(6) Click on 'Save' button.

The port forwarding setting in Router
(1) Make sure the PC is connect in the same local network.
(2) Change the IP cam setting to manual IP setting as above and use browser to visit Router (gateway) IP address.
(3) Enter the correct ID/Password to login Router.
(4) Please refer to the manual IP setting and UDP port as above process to do port fording setting. Please refer to the user's manual for your Router for more details of Port forwarding setting.

2. Video display instruction
  2.1 Use IE browser on PC

Video live display, recording and snapshot (need to download and install ActiveX)
Information : the basic device information.
Setting : Recoding and snapshot location setting.
Disconnect IP cam
Snapshot : Take a photo.
Recoding : Video recording.

Note: Above functions can only be supported with IE browser on PC.

  2.2 Connection mode
    When the uPNP function for Router can not be enable and port forwarding is not configured, the connection mode will be changed to Relay mode and disconnected automatically in 3 minutes. Please enable uPNP function for best performance.
  2.3 Error message
    Connecting or more than 3 minutes in Relay mode.
    User define ID/Password error
    Disconnect because of bandwidth issue. The video resolution of 320x240 is suggested.
    Device did not connect to internet. Please check the power and network cable for IP cam
    Network connection error. Please reconnect.
    Error message in Text :
Wrong Device ID/Password: Please enter the correct device ID/Password.
This device didn't login to P2P server yet : Please check the network cable and settings.
All My Cloud on line help-Register and Setting Video display instruction